Shipping Companies in Nigeria Lagos.

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list of shipping companies in Nigeria.

Have you been online searching for a reputable list and address of shipping companies in Nigeria? Well you are in luck as this post address the top ten most visible shipping companies in Lagos, with Triple A Freight Forwarder being our top choice as being the most affordable and precise shipping company in Nigeria.

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Currently a huge sum of cargos consignments are generally handled via shipping. This is due to the fact that the sea is still the most sort ought route to deal in shipment of goods, this has been an establishment since the medieval era till date.
No wonder why you have a lot of port authorities and agents needed to control the kind of material that comes in and out of Nigeria shores or ship to Nigeria.
This goods range from shipping container of crude oil to agricultural products, raw materials, mineral resources to even personal shipping from usa to Nigeria of auction cars, electronics etc.

Top Ten List of Shipping Companies in Nigeria Lagos.

 please note that this list are not arranged in any numeric order to denote their positions.

1.) BTY Logistics Nigeria


2.) 3MO Shipping & Trading Company Limited

Address: Aquarius Block, 1st Floor, 1 commercial Road, Eleganza Plaza, Apapa Lagos

3.) Lagos - Lagos And Niger Shipping Agencies Ltd. (Lansal)

Address: 4 Creek Road, P.O.B. 192, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria

4.) gig logistics

Address: 164, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Lagos. website:

5.) Lagos & Niger Shipping Agency

Address: 4, Creek Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria

6.) Antwerp Shipping Nigeria Limited

Address: 1, Commercial Road, 1st Floor Leo Block, Eleganza Plaza, Apapa

7.) Universal Shipping & Logistics Solutions Limited

Address: 45, Caulcrick Road, Apapa, Lagos website:​

8.) Tiger Shipping Company

Address: 1st Floor, 9, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos website:

9.) UASC Agencies Nigeria

Address: 34, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos website:

10.) Triple A Freight Forwarder

Address: Roll A, Marwa Garden Shopping Complex, Alausa, Secretariat website:

We will recommend Triple A Freight Forwarder among the top notch shipping companies in Nigeria as they can server personal cargo goods, reliable for shipping container even if you are shipping from USA to Nigeria, they are the most reliable to ship to Nigeria with no worries and issues with port authorities.

We write to express our interest to be appointed as your clearing agent in Nigeria.
On appointment we would be responsible for customs clearance, logistics and haulage services on behalf of the consignees.

 Business Concept :

Forwarding and Logistics concepts lies the basic architect of any business enterprise, today modern and scientific systems of business mainly rely on efficient Logistics and Supply Chain management, that is why we believe in
professional capabilities and trust of our valued customers.

Key Success Factors: 

We believe in de-centralize management planning and the key factor of selection and motivation of personals and business associates. Setting business targets and compelling not only give us the success story but also making something new and innovative in the shape of developing better services and intelligent business decisions .

Vision Statement: 

Perceive an idea, with the objective of setting a pace as a company that offers innovative products and key emphasis on customer services and effective building measures. With the objectives of making a pioneering and establish name in Nigeria. We foresee a vision to establish a complete Logistics and Maritime relationship with your company, having our own systems and resources which enable total supply chain solution and Integrated Logistics services.

About Us

We are a leading customs licensed clearing agent in Nigeria with updated knowledge of customs regulations and procedure, we provide comprehensive customs clearance services for hassle free import and export of consignments by sea, air and land throughout Nigeria. We also assist our client in preparing documents
related to; 

(1) Import and Export both air and sea freight
(2) Completion of appraisal and examination procedure and payments.
(3)Liaison with regulating agents, government agencies and council to
deal with all types of cargo.
(4)Guidance and Consultancy services for pre and post shipment services.
(5)Customs Clearance Swinging into action to clear the cargo the moment it
arrives, saving our customer’s time and money.
 We offer solutions to the challenges associated with freight forwarding,
clearing, import and export business relating to both local and international
We have an understanding of the sensitivity of importation of your company
consignment, not to worry in this we specialize.


Reduce cost, save time & Safety of consignment


Teamwork, innovative, productivity, integrity, dynamism.

We take your business a step further, we keep you going, come  let us take you along.

Your one stop logistics company SHIPPING -CUSTOM CLEARANCE -HAULAGE.
[email protected]

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