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Blog Monetization

All bloggers can earn money on the platform via 5 options, a.) Banner placement, b.) Google AdSense Placement c.) Amazon Advert Placement d.) Ebay Advert Placement and e.) Pay Per Impression(20k Views) Reward Program
Within their 3 advertsing space allocated to them. The top and bottom of their post and the side bar of their post.

Ads formats are designed as rectangles for the top and bottom placement and square for the side bar.

You can setup Ads placements for both banner and Google AdSense, with Amazon and Ebay Ads. For Google Adsense auto-code you will have your adverts occupying the free ads space after the banner placement has been selected. You can have multiple Ads in a single Advert space, ie Google, Affiliate link, Amazon, Banner etc on one single slot, but note it is not advisable to overcrowd your ads slot.

  • To place Google Adsense on the site, you need to add the site https://seowebanalyst.com to your Google AdSense dashboardand copy ca-pub-2147xxxx56xxxx70 into your blog author's dashboard and save.

  • Next you submit the URL for review on your Google AdSense dashboard and visit Google Ads Setup to select your Ads format and set Auto Ads and match content on.

  • Next on your author's page you have three Ads placement you can add your Google AdSense Codes depending on the type of Format code selected...predefined already you have two rectangle and one square ad format.

  • After you have placed the correct Google Ads Format eg for Rectangle Ad Space we recommend DISPLAY AD VIEW, name the AD VIEW with your blog name

  • Under the Site tab you should include add subdomain, eg your_subdomain.seowebanalyst.com, where your Ads will be displayed. Copy your Ads code and paste them in the Google's Adsense authors page, next you save the page after all neccessary Ads code has been filled.

  • When our domain gets verified on your Google Adsense dashboard the subdomain will start showing the displayed ads you have saved. The Ads will display in their appropriate allocated space.

  • Please note if their are no space left to display Google Ads, it won't appear, ie if you have occupied your allocated Ads space with custom banner ads then you will have no other space for your Google Ads to display.

  • If you run a wordpress or other platform we recommend you read this article on How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress Site

    For Amazon read "How to Put Amazon Ads On Your Blog - wikiHow"


They are custom ads for bloggers to solicit ads placements from brands or companies or their clients they blog for.
It is a unique way for them to earn and unlike the Google Adsense code and others they can assign a single banner ad on either choice of 3 ads slot, meaning you cannot take up more than one banner placement to display on all of your blog post. Hence, you should charge your fees based on Impression, Banner Placements and duration.
Mind you we encourage banner advertisers to use the most view page to search for authoritative bloggers that pull higher numbers of views from their post to deal with.
Each banner ads placement duration is all in agreement you have with your advertiser.
Banner placement can either be rectangle (for the top and bottom post alocation) or square (for the side bar allocation). For each banner placement ads slot, we have provided impression counter for each advert placement, which you can screen shot to your advertises as proof of delivery.

This is a pay per impression ads payment system, we reward bloggers with $0.015 per 25 page views.
The blogger only get's paid when their earnings hits the threshold of 20000+ views, which is an equivalent of $12.
Every time a blogger's new post hits 20000+ views they are paid $12 via paypal or transfer or Crypto.
For instance a blogger has 5 post and each post hits a 20000+ view, this blogger gets $12 x 5 = $60.
Please note that our Pay Per Impression payment system is a one time reward, as soon as your post surpass this it will no longer be earning money for you.
A post views are counted via the view icon [ 20120], which cannot be manipulated by sending fake traffic or browser refreshing tatics, each blog post url are also analyzed for earnings verification prior payment approval, Note when your blog appears on the page you need to submit a request within 24hrs for payment verification via payment button assigned to the post.
We review payment request via the Public display of Most View Page if your post status is tagged PAID your request will be declined, it is also the page for banner advertisers to search for authroitative content creators in their niche categories to patronize.
These three options of earning via SEO Web Analyst community blogging platform makes us one of the best tool a blogger should have.

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